The Clúster Audiovisual of Madrid is an association of companies and entities founded on March 30th, 2023, with the aim to promote and boost the sector, as well as to create an innovative ecosystem to dynamize the industry in the Community of Madrid.

The Clúster seeks to act as a stable platform of collaboration among companies, associations, operators, professionals, and institutions, promoting synergies, and strategic agreements. It also aims to generate activity and employment and provide a platform of interaction with public authorities, advising on policies affecting the sector. The Clúster will also help to design and develop projects of interest for the audiovisual sector and its subsectors.

For Madrid City Council and Spain, the work in the promotion of the audiovisual sector, it is crucial due to its nature as a generator of employment and business, but also of culture and dissemination of values of coexistence and progress in society. Madrid accounts for more than 32% of the total active companies dedicated to audiovisual activities in Spain and 41% of the employment personnel (27,513 people).

The government also provides aids, tax breaks, and simplified administrative procedures to attract foreign investment and talent. To promote the attraction of foreign talent and investment within this sector, the Spanish Government will process residences and work authorizations for its professionals in a short period of time (20 working days) so they can quickly start the audiovisual activity. In some scenarios where the activity is limited in a short period of time, it would be sufficient to have a NIE number without requirement a previous work authorization.

If you are a company in the audiovisual sector or if you are a professional who needs advice on the obtention of a residence on work authorization, contact AGM Abogados.

Marc Fernández de la Peña

Immigration Area Manager

AGM Abogados