For the sixth consecutive year, “Best Lawyers”, a legal portal that recognizes the work of numerous lawyers internationally, has awarded 13 of our lawyers as the best in different areas in its guide “The Best Lawyers in Spain (2022 Edition)”.

13 professionals, one more for this new edition.

On November 23th, the new edition of the guide “The Best Lawyers in Spain” was published through the votes of the previously recognized lawyers themselves. This new year 13 of our lawyers have been awarded, one more than last year, a year in which we had already broken the record of previous editions.

On this occasion, the recognized lawyers were:

Best Lawyers has been studying the legal sector worldwide for more than 10 years, has a presence in more than 17 countries and uses the “popular vote” methodology to position lawyers within the different areas of law, the same lawyers being already recognized within of the guide who vote for their peers and colleagues to name the best.

Currently, AGM is positioned as one of the most important law firms in the country by number of professionals and turnover, and is also the only Spanish firm with its own office in France (Paris).

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