I. Qualification & Requirement for Residency

• Not be reported in the Schengen Information System (SIS);

• Not be under a prohibition to enter in the territory;

• Not be considered as a threat for the public policy, national security public health or international relations of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg or any of the States which is part of an international convention on the crossing of external borders;

• Justify the purpose and the conditions of the intended stay, and proof of sufficient personal resources.

II. Documents Required – Pre-arrival

• A certified true copy of the passport;

• A birth certificate;

• A police record;

• Other documents (depending on the personal family situation of the applicants other documents other documents may be required);

• All the documents have to be apostatized by the competent local authority or be legalized by the competent local authority and be certified by the Luxembourg embassy. If the documents are not written in German, French or English, a conform translation made by a sworn translator from Luxembourg has to be attached;

• The permit may be granted to an applicant who justifies that he can live of his own resources. These resources must be at least equal to the minimum social salary. Thus, the applicant must provide certification from a Luxembourg Bank stating that its resources are at least 25,000 Euros per adult and per year (since 2013 the amount required have been better defined as 12 x minimal Salary of Luxembourg).

III. Application Procedure – Pre-arrival

The Ministry may ask to provide some special documents or information or to ask specific questions. Our office will be providing all answers on behalf of the client to the Ministry and protecting the legal interests of the client.

After the submission of the documents, the Ministry takes around three months to issue a response.

If the file is considered incomplete, it is completed is submitted again.

Once the complete file is submitted and if the response is negative, we assist you during your appeal before the Administrative Court.

IV. Application Procedure – Residence Permit

Entry to Luxembourg


Declaration of Arrival Within 3 Days of Arrival


Receiving Residence Permit (valid for 1 year)


Submission of Further Document


Renewal of Residence Permit (3 or 5 years prolongation)


Unlimited Residence Permit


o Certified copy of the residence permit issued by the Minister
o Certified copy of the arrival declaration drawn up by the local authorities
o Medical certificate attesting that the one fulfills the medical conditions authorizing the residence, issued by a doctor established in Luxembourg
o Proof of suitable housing, if required
o Recent photo, 45/35 mm, complying with ICAO/OACI standards
o Proof of the payment of the issue duty

Note that, for the residence permit to be renewed, one must justify having their own resources for living in Luxembourg.

V. Full assistance during the entire procedure

• Full administration assistance for getting residential permits;
• Consultation on the required form of the requested documentation;
• Legal representation of the client before Ministry of Immigration and Foreign Affairs;
• Legal work (answering questions, providing the documentation, writing letters if needed) connected to any questions from the Ministry of Immigration and Foreign Affairs;
• After entry to Luxembourg full guidance and support of the process of the application until the receiving of the Residential Permit (accompanying during submission of the medical certificate, real estate searching, assisting school searching for children, assistance at the local registration office);
• Full administration assistance up to 5 years (or 3 years in case of getting unlimited residence permit after 3 years prolongation).