This year, Lawrope’s annual general meeting will take place in Mexico City, on 11th – 12th of October 2019 and it will be hosted by our member in Mexico, ARRANGOIZ ABOGADOS. On Friday, the participants will attended a conference at Club de Industriales entitled BUSINESS AND LEGALTECH. 

During the conference we will have several speaks both members of Lawrope and non-members covering subjects as:

  •  “Mexico in perspective, risks and opportunities in current changes” by Luis Farias Mackey, attorney at law and political analyst. 

LAWROPE Speakers:

  1. “Business and LegalTech. New technologies, Industrial property protection, data protection”: Rocio Ortiz de Montellano (Arrangoiz & Asociados). 11:30 pm to 11:45 pm Q&A 5 min.
  2. “Mr. Robot, welcome on board! Can a reasonable use of AI help Law Firms and their Clients?”: Olivier Meyer (D,M & D Avocats). 11:50 pm to 12:05 pm Q&A 5 min.
  3. “LegalTech, an overview and what to expect”: Julio Menchaca (AGM Abogados). 12:10 pm to 12:25 pm Q&A 5 min.
  4. “Legal Design and LegalTechs, the only way to innovate in the client’s best interest?”: Benoit Simpelaere (FLINN). 12:50 pm to 13:05 pm Q&A 5 min.
  5. “The living Lab”: Raul Gonzalez (Gonzalez Advocats). 13:10 pm to 13:25 pm Q&A 5 min.
  6. “Latest migratory regulations and policies / Trump era”: Michael Kabik (Kabik Law). 13:30 pm to 13:45 pm Q&A 5 min.

After these interesting sessions, the members and the guests are invited to network, followed by lunch with Chambers of Commerce representatives.  

On the second day, we will have our annual general meeting where we further discuss the next steps of the organization, guided by our president Ricardo Goncalves.

In the evening, the members will enjoy several activities organised by our member Gonzalo Arrangoiz.

We would like to thank our member and law firm ARRANGOIZ ABOGADOS for all the efforts in organizing AGM Mexico 2019.