After the Summer Vacation…back to…the FLINN Cup! The inter-law firm FLINN Sailing Cup will take place in Ostend again this year on Saturday, September 7, 2019. An international crew from ‘Lawrope International Group of Lawyers’ is taking part with Belgian, British, Dutch, French, German and US crew members. From the Belgian Bar, crews representing Allen & Overy BelgiumALTIUSAwerianBilliet & coSchoups and FLINN Law Firm will all be racing. For non-sailors – festivities begin with a barbecue from 18:30 followed by dancing until late…early!

The Lawrope members who are going to participate this year at Flinn Cup are: KABIK LAW, ARIATHES, RIJPPAERT & PEETERS, FPF and FLINN

To participate in the day’s events, visit:

 We are looking forward to seeing you there.