The Mexican company Polybion, specialising in nextgeneration premium materials inspired by nature
and manufactured with biology, closes investment round led by Blue Horizon, advised in the legal
process by
AGM Abogados, raising EUR 4 million. The capital will be used to expand its facilities,
enhance its research and development capabilities, and implement Celium in consumer goods.

Polybion has announced the finalisation of the first stage of its bacterial cellulose plant, the world’s first,
and the successful closing of its Series A financing round, led by Swiss Impact Investor Blue Horizon. The company, based in Mexico and Spain and founded in 2015 by Mexican entrepreneurs, is creating the next generation of highperformance bioassembled materials by recycling agroindustrial food waste and using living organisms such as bacteria as a platform.

For the two brothers Alexis and Axel GómezOrtigoza, both cofounders of Polybion, this EUR 4 million
investment represents a major step in Polybion’s mission to bring performance and new possibilities to
21st century materials designers and engineers. In addition, having Blue Horizon as a partner, sharing a
common vision on accelerating sustainability and the circular economy, will allow them to scale new
initiatives to build their brand and expand their network.

The M&A team of AGM, led by the Partner of the area Francisco Lacasa Lobera and the head of the area,
Julio Menchaca Vite, with the support of the lawyer Félix Navas Mir, has advised the founders of Polybion in all the legal aspects of the financing round in Spain, in coordination with the legal advisors in Mexico, for the joint execution of the operation in that country.

About Polybion

Polybion cultivates nextgeneration premium materials designed with nature and made with biology. The company’s mission is to bring performance and possibilities to 21st century materials designers and
engineers. Polybion uses waste as raw material and designs, produces and finishes its bioassembled
products under one roof to increase sustainability and drive the circular economy. Polybion’s first product, Celium®, is a highperformance leather substitute based on bacterial cellulose.

About Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is accelerating the transition to a New Sustainable Food System that generates attractive
returns for investors and the planet. The fund is a global pioneer in the Future of Food. As impact investors in niche sectors, Blue Horizon has shaped the alternative food and protein technology market. The fund invests at the intersection of biology, agriculture and technology with the goal of transforming the global food industry. Blue Horizon was founded by Roger Lienhard in 2016 and is based in Zurich. To date, the fund has raised over USD 850 million and invested in more than 60 companies. Its business model offers an attractive opportunity to invest in the evolution of the global food system by contributing to building a healthy and sustainable world.

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