Integrated Legal Network

Lawrope is a legal network that recognizes that no two countries are the same: cultural, social and economic differences create challenges for those who want to do business across borders.

All of Lawrope’s members share a set of core values. These include a commitment to effective team working, a deep sense of ethics and client confidentiality. We provide expert local legal services that meet all of the specific needs of businesses operating in or aiming to enter a foreign market.

Our objectives are to:

  • Protect the interests of our clients using the highest level of professionalism and efficiency;
  • Establish and maintain a network of expert law firms connecting every corner of the world.

Lawrope commonly works in two different ways:

  • Central Coordination: Lawrope aim to facilitate clients working across global regions that require legal advice in various jurisdictions. The legal network is commonly working to enable the client to retain their single point of contact with a particular law firm or lawyer in a country where they are in operation and facilitating that firm to procure the advice required for the client across the various jurisdictions in which it is seeking to operate. This retains the continuity for the client in having to only deal with a single legal reference point but the Lawrope member firm is able to coordinate and gather all the requisite legal advice across the various jurisdictions, manage the process for the client and handle a centralized billing process.
  • Multi-contact Model: In the event that the client does not wish to have a single point of contact across a region for its legal requirements Lawrope members are happy to independently engage with the client particularly if the client has separate operating entities in various jurisdictions and each Lawrope member firm engages directly with the relevant client entity to deliver services in that particular jurisdiction. The Lawrope member firms will handle matters between themselves to facilitate the client’s inter-jurisdictional legal requirements but each operates as a separately retained firm for the client in question should this so be required.