About us

Lawrope is a multinational organisation covering Europe, North & Central America, and Latin America.

With its thirty years experience of working closely together, Lawrope’s independent member law firms have the capacity to provide a seamless, client-focused international legal service at a realistic cost thanks to our attorney directory. We are proud of this achievement and the service that we can provide.

We work with clients of all sizes: large companies, medium-sized businesses and individuals. In addition to our legal services our members have links with other professionals such as accountants and financial advisors, tax and real estate advisors. Our aim is to facilitate your requirements whatever your business across borders.

Whilst our members are professionally linked, Lawrope provides the opportunity for its members to forge close friendships as well, reinforcing the links between them. Thus, if possible, members have the opportunity to meet twice a year, once at their Annual General Meeting and once again at their Mid-Term Meeting, both hosted by different member firms in different countries. At the Annual General Meeting a president of the group is elected for a two-year term.

Our members also have their own wider international links. Its member partners are renowned in their own areas of law and therefore demand the same high standards for their clients, whatever the matter concerned.