Lawrope, International Group of Lawyers, is a multinational organization with more than 25 years’ experience in international legal services. Lawrope´s purpose is to facilitate any legal requirements whatever the business across borders.

Sharing the same ideal of a connected network as Lawrope, the Internet is an even more needed and present tool on our daily bases. Considering that, we are eager to provide to our Members and Clients the same top-notch services and know how in an online experience, and take it even further. Our newest website puts together all the information regarding the industry and its trends in a clean, up to date and user-friendly matter.

The ever-changing needs of companies and individuals operating in this environment require the skills of an established multinational group of lawyers. We bring the essential expertise, professionalism and personalized solutions, to enable delivery of services via a reliable network of partners and contacts.

We have changed the way people see international legal services, enabling effective collaboration between firms with established reputations who are driven by an innovative spirit.

¨Individuals and organizations must face new challenges every day that makes them stronger, and at the same time responsible. Our new website should serve the main purpose of Lawrope, contributing to make available to our members the sum of knowledge and opportunities that result individually from each of them, in a single tool.¨ said Jordi Rovira, the President of Lawrope

It is our most pleasure to invite you to our new website, where you can read our global news or see who our members are.


About Lawrope

Founded 25 years ago, Lawrope’s independent member law firms have the capacity to provide a seamless, client-focused international legal services at a realistic cost. The organization is covering Europe, North & Central America, and Latin America. To learn more, visit:

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