Lawrope, International Group of Lawyers – is a multinational organization with more than 25 years’ experience in international legal services.  Lawrope´s purpose is to facilitate any requirements whatever the business across borders.

This being said, is our most excitement to announce the appointment of Jordi Rovira Esteve as new President of the group, starting his activity on 1st of October and for a period of two years. The vice president will be Pierre Vanhaverbeke from the company DBB Law based in Belgium.

 “This group shall gain more dynamism, especially to face the new challenges of the nowadays economic scenario where we are all involved,” said Jordi.

Jordi Rovira is a lawyer at AGM Abogados in Barcelona, specialized in fiscal and tributary law, with a vast professional experience. His main objectives are to increase the number of cases and clients among the associates, maintain the number of associates in Lawrope and strengthen the relationships among them, increase the number of associates in Lawrope globally and enhance the knowledge of Lawrope inside and outside of the organization.


About Lawrope

Founded 25 years ago, Lawrope’s independent member law firms have the capacity to provide a seamless, client-focused international legal services at a realistic cost. The organization is covering Europe, North & Central America, and Latin America. To learn more,

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