Lawrope welcomes its new member from Buenos Aires, Argentina

MTA Abogados, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has recently been accepted as a new member of Lawrope and will contribute to the group with its valuable experience in legal advice and doing business in Latin America. MTA Abogados was recommended by our Brazilian associate Emerenciano, Baggio Advogados and both of these firms will be our representatives in Latin America. MTA’s strengths lie with their international profile and its membership will bring additional benefits to the members of Lawrope and their clients. MTA’s  Lawrope representatives will be their Associate Director, Dr Federico Trujillo and partner, Jorge Ariza.

Dr Trujillo has been involved in numerous operations of incorporation and establishment of companies in Argentina and Brazil and has provided continuous advice in the field of trade and regional investment. His professional profile has allowed him to forge a strong partnership with leading lawyers, accountants and other professionals for the benefit of its clients in the region. Dr Trujillo is also a Member of the Bar of the City of Buenos Aires, a member of the Commission “Treaty of Mercosur” and a member of the Inter-American Bar Association / American Federation of Lawyers.

Jorge Ariza specialises in international contracts with particular reference to transactions in goods and services in the sectors of industry and infrastructure, and on issues of international trade and investment. He has been actively involved in major transactions such as acquisitions, supply of goods, long-term purchases of large equipment, engineering and construction contracts for infrastructure and energy financing operations.

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