This year, Lawrope’s annual general meeting took place in Monza, Italy on 17th – 18th of November 2017 and has been hosted by our member in Italy,  Camparada & Torti Law Firm. On Friday, the participants attended an event hosted by Camparada & Torti in collaboration with Compagnia delle Opere . We had several Italian companies attending the event and listening to the presentations made by our members about internationalization. The event was hold in a very exclusive and beautiful place, Villa Reale.

The event organized by Lawrope in collaboration with Compagnia delle Opere has received a lot of positive media attention, being published on the main local newspaper “IL CITTADINO”. You can read the first article here. Further, you can find the article published after the event here. (both articles are in italian)

On the second day, Lawrope´s members hold their annual general meeting in the morning where they welcomed new members in the network and further discussed the next steps of the organization.

We would like to once again welcome the new members FLINN, Kabik Law and Gonzalez ADVOCATS. We are looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship with our new member and already friends.

In the evening, the members enjoyed the city by visiting a Zavattari Chapel and Longobard Iron Crown at Monza Dom. The day ended  with a private dinner for the members only.

Below you can find the welcoming speech from the president of Lawrope, Jordi Rovira and photos from both days: