Haworth & Lexon of Shanghai, PR China is the latest international law firm to join Lawrope

We are extremely pleased to be able to announce that Haworth & Lexon, located in Shanghai, PR China, has recently joined as a new member of Lawrope. Haworth & Lexon will undoubtably contribute to the group with its valuable experience in legal advice and doing business in PR China and internationally. Haworth & Lexon was  introduced to Lawrope and recommended by our Spanish associate Francisco Lacasa of AGM Abogados, Spain who has been forging a relationship with this renowned law firm. Haworth & Lexon’s primary Lawrope representative will be their Senior Partner, Mr Bailey Xu.

Haworth & Lexon also have offices in Beijing and Chongqing.

For further information on Haworth & Lexon please visit their website at www.hllawyers.com
Mr Bailey Xu can be contacted on baileyxu@hllawyers.com

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