Emerenciano, Baggio e Associados – Attorneys at Law is a corporate full service law Firm focused on representing international and domestic companies in all areas of legal practice.

The firm has branches in São Paulo, Campinas and Brasilia, and is considered one of the most admirable law firms in the country, having up to 65 lawyers. The team includes associates and correspondents all over the other Brazilian states.

The firm represents a wide range of clients operating in Brazil and abroad, acting in manufacturing, services and education, such as telecommunications, automotive industry, energy, electronic, domestic appliances, food and beverages, textile, gas and oil, transport, agricultural products, entertainment, railways, chemicals, universities and schools, among others. The firm has also relevant experience with business and investments in Africa.

Avenida Paulista,
1842 – 17 Floor, Edificio Torre Norte,
01310-200 Sao Paulo,

Contact Partner:

Robertson Emerenciano – email: Robertson@emerenciano.com.br

Get in touch with us:

Tel: +55 (11) 2123 4500
Fax: +55 (11) 2123 4599
Website: www.emerenciano.com.br

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Areas of Practice:

Legal Support to Businesses

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint-Ventures
  • Due Diligences
  • Corporate and Business Law
  • International Investments
  • Banking, Finance and Capital Markets
  • Contract Law and Business Negotiations
  • Enterprise Restructure and Venture Capital
  • Infrastructure, Engineering and Construction Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Frauds and Business Investigations
  • Labor and Union Law
  • Domestic and International Taxation
  • Assets Administration
  • Environmental Law
  • Succession Plans
  • Aviation Law
  • Oil and Gas
  • Immigration Law
  • Private and Complementary Social Security

Administrative/Judicial Litigation

  • Business Transactions
  • Corporate Disputes, Mediation and Arbitration
  • Reorganization Proceedings
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Taxation
  • Labor and Union Law
  • Torts/Indemnities
  • Collection
  • Public and Private Bids
  • Consumer Law
  • Unfair Competition, Electronic Law and Copyrights
  • Criminal Corporate Law
  • Antitrust Law