New sports, hotel and events complex for São Paulo Football Club – Emerenciano, Baggio e Associados advises construction company

Brazilian law firm Emerenciano, Baggio e Associados is assisting the construction company Andrade Gutierrez in partnership with the São Paulo Futebol Clube (SPFC), to develop the construction projects for a new roof at the Morumbi Stadium, in São Paulo, in addition to creating an arena for events and a hotel complex with convention centre.

The recently signed contract grants exclusivity to Andrade Gutierrez in structuring and obtaining investment facilitation to build the new complex. “The structuring of the relationship between Andrade Gutierrez and SPFC, to the improvements on the Morumbi Stadium, demanded great creativity and involvement of several areas to create a model of contract implementing solutions that meet the needs of both parties. Now begins a new phase for the formalization of the relationship of Andrade Gutierrez with investors, financial agents and operators of the Arena and the hotel”, explains Robertson Emerenciano, partner of Emerenciano, Baggio e Associados that acted in the deal.

The project

Developed by Andrade Gutierrez, one of the biggest construction companies in Brazil, which has operations in over 38 countries and revenues of over R$ 6 billion in 2010 and responsible for builders of great magnitude in different sectors, the Arena will be reversible for the days of shows and will have capacity for 25,000 people, creating a new entertainment place in the city.

The hotel complex will have among 400 and 500 apartments, these being part of the project for the construction of a new metal roof for the stands at Morumbi Stadium.

Legal advisors to Andrade Gutierrez

Emerenciano, Baggio e Associados – Advogados

– Partner: Robertson Emerenciano

– Associates: Maximilian Alexander Carraresi Schnitzlein, Marcio Mattos de Oliveira, Gessimbergue da Silva Monteiro Junior and Eduardo Isao Nishigiri.

In-House Counsel

– Ivan Augusto Saraiva Marcondes

Legal advisors to São Paulo Futebol Clube

AMVO Advogados

– Partner: José Francisco C. Manssur

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