With almost 60 years of diplomatic relations, Brazil continues as South Korea’s main export and investment destination within South America. The country acts not only as a relevant commercial partner – it is also home to a huge community of South-Korean nationals and companies. In recent years, both Brazilian and South-Korean governments ratified a diverse number of agreements for the scientific, technologic and innovation development. Which improved the countries relation and broadened the categories of exchange between them.

Eager to provide proper guidance to Korean investors through the Brazilian investment, labor and establishment legislation, the South-Korean Ministry of Justice, in a collaboration with Golden Hawk Consulting and local experts, just issued their latest “Doing Business in Brazil” brochure about opportunities in the South American emerging market.

Brazilian members of Lawrope, Mr. Robertson Emerenciano, Ms. Cristina Buchigani and Mr. Vinicius Zwarg – partners of Emerenciano, Baggio & Associados – Attorneys at Law– brought some valuable information on Taxing, Labor and Consumer Rights to the guidebook.


Get the brochure (available in Korean only).


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