We are proud to announce that the Federal President of Austria has conferred Andreas Foglar-Deinhardstein the Declaration of Honor in Gold for Services to the Republic of Austria. Dr. Andreas Foglar-Deinhardstein from the Austrian law firm Foglar-Deinhardstein KG is also a member of LAWROPE International Group of Lawyers, more info about the law firm can be found here.

Andreas Foglar-Deinhardstein has been doing pro bono work in different functions for the Vienna Bar Association. In particular he served as auditor of the Bar Association for 25 years. This has now been honored by the Austrian Republic.

Besides of his professional work Andreas Foglar-Deinhardstein is also author of various publications, e.g. co-author of a recent practitioners commentary to the Austrian GmbHG (Act on Companies with Limited Liability).

The Declaration of Honor has been handed over to Andreas Foglar-Deinhardstein on July 31, 2018 by the President of the Superior Land Court Vienna.

On this way, we would like to congratulate Dr. Andreas Foglar-Deinhardstein.