The Brazilian Government announced on August 16th a USD 66.5 billion infrastructure investment program aiming at developing highway, railway, port and airport structures vital to the growth of the Country.

This investment program is based on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), by means of which the Government concedes rights to private parties to build and/or renovate such structures at their expense and operate them for a term, in order to benefit from their investments.

Under this investment program, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) may grant loans at beneficial interest rates to support investments by these private parties.

Emerenciano, Baggio e Associados – Advogados, the Brazilian member of Lawrope International Group of Lawyers, is prepared to provide legal assistance to companies that wish to join this investment program by means of a multidisciplinary team of experienced counsel capable of giving legal support to businesses from different venues and countries.

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