Boyes Turner’s Spring Seminars – Attracting Talent – “the Millennial Generation”

Attracting Talent – the “millennial generation”

Organisations use market research and scientific data when attracting new customers or generating sales; but how does an organisation attract talent? How does your organisation define talent, what’s HR’s role in drawing up a talent strategy and how could a recruitment policy seek to attract those from the “millennial generation”?

Do the millennial generation place career progression above flexible working? Does social media play a part in the way organisations attract and recruit talent? Research from Oxford Economics which questioned over 5,500 executives and employees in 27 nations, found that 68% of millennials ranked competitive compensation as important or highly important when considering what matters most to job satisfaction; narrowly ahead of the non millennials at 64%. Both groups also scored bonus and merit-based rewards as important or highly important at a similar rate on their list of priorities. It was also found that both groups were equally as concerned with making a positive difference in the world through their work, and that non-millennials were actually more concerned with personal meaning in their work than millennials.

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Attracting talent and how to reward and engage talent are focus areas for HR. To find about more about this key topic join us at our new Employment Law

Conference season for 2016. Join us at our Spring conference on 28 January 2016 in Reading where we focus on the legal and practical implications of “Attracting Talent”. Our second Spring conference on 21 April 2016 in London concentrates on “Engaging and Rewarding Talent”. Our Conferences are a mix of legal discussion and practical and hands-on knowhow. We will be joined by key note speakers at both events who will share their experience and give practical solutions to the complex area of talent acquisition and management.

Our Conferences – together with our 2016 webinar programme – will provide both HR and business managers with a comprehensive and complimentary learning experience. Our conferences in Reading and London focus on key topics for HR combining a legal focus with presentations from industry experts. Our conferences will cover related topics which encourage the delegate to attend each event. Our corresponding webinar programme is designed to mix case law and legislation updates with key topic discussions covering HR’s “hot list” of issues. We hope to see you at our events.

For more information about our training and events, or to be added to our invitee list, please contact Emma O’Connor on or visit our website

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