We are all very pleased to welcome our newest member into our network of international lawyers.

The new member is BDG Avocats from Montreal, Canada. The contact partner at the firm is Mr. François Boscher: fboscher@bdglaw.com

For nearly 20 years, BDG’s lawyers combine their expertise and experience in order to offer their respective clients legal services to support the success of their business. BDG’s clients are consisted of foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in Canada, Québec, and Canadian companies seeking to grow.

Their office is driven by the desire to share expertise in order to provide their clients with world class services. Over the years, they have been exposed to a broad range of business challenges and legal solutions. The diversity and complexity of the files and projects they have been entrusted with allowed them to leverage an informed perspective with respect to the complexities of the business world in an increasingly global environment.

All the Lawrope members look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with our new member.

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