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FLINN CUP – Inter-law firm FLINN Sailing Cup

After the Summer Vacation … back to … … the FLINN Cup! The inter-law firm FLINN Sailing Cup will take place in Ostend again this year on Saturday, September 7, 2019. An international crew from ‘Lawrope International Group of Lawyers’ is taking part with Belgian, British, Dutch, French, German and US crew members. From the […]

AGM Avocats celebrates its 10th anniversary

This year AGM Avocats is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its first office in Paris. Ten years ago, they were very excited to open their offices in the French capital to accompany their clients in their international development. In that way, they became one of the exclusive firms with their own office in the City of Light. Since […]

Acquisition of production units in Spain

The acquisition of production units (PU), defined by article 149.4 of the Insolvency Act 22/2003 (IA) as “a set of means organized for the purpose of carrying out an essential or ancillary economic activity“[1], can be structured in each of the phases of the Spanish insolvency procedure, i. e.: (i) common phase, (ii) composition phase, (iii) […]

Whistleblowing policy in your business

A 2019 whitepaper has revealed that 35% of UK businesses surveyed online have no system in place for whistleblowing.  The report by EQS gathered online feedback from 1400 companies in Germany, France, Switzerland and Great Britain with the purpose of studying: The varying degrees companies in different countries are affected by misconduct; and How companies […]

The GTDT Practice Guides – Franchise has been published!

FLINN lawyers, Leonard Hawkes and Benoit Simpelaere, have contributed on part 5: Other Legal Considerations, Electronic Commerce, Social Media and Franchising to the published Practice Guides: Franchise 2019. Please click here for more information. The Guide provide topical analysis of key trends, opportunities, challenges and risks representing significant regional interest or concern across a range of industries and work areas. Updated […]

Designers should buck up their ideas

There are many cases where infringement of intellectual property is done with no intent or malice.  In particular people in the creative fields can fall foul of someone else’s copyright where the wrong is not deliberate plagiarism but has come about because of human frailties, subliminal collection of information an unconscious cues.  Designers can also […]

Odebrecht Files for Reorganization – Largest Case in Brazil

Brazilian powerhouse Odebrecht filed for the largest reorganization procedure in Brazil, with a total debt of BRL 98.5 Billion (approx. USD 25.25 Billion). Odebrecht started out in 1944 as a construction company, and diversified its investments into infrastructure, energy and oil & gas, among other fields. At its peak, Odebrecht employed circa 190 thousand people, […]

General Data Protection Law Amendment approved by Brazilian Congress

The Brazilian congress recently approved Provisional Measure no. 869/2018, and its final enactment depends now on the sanction by Brazilian President Mr. Jair Bolsonaro. Regardless of the pending enactment, however, the mentioned piece of legislation is already valid and in force. Provisional Measure no. 869/2018 aims at amending the recently passed General Data Protection Law […]