The 13th International M&A Conference took place in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf from 29th September – 1st October 2017.

In 2017 RWP Consult GmbH organised the Conference with interesting presentations and fascinating social program.

Starting in 2003 with the first M&A Conference in Düsseldorf, the Conference attracts each year highly qualified lawyers specialised in the area of Corporate Commercial Law and M&A. The last years the number of participants has been between 80 and 100. On that basis the Conference offers on the one hand a familiar atmosphere but, on the other hand, also a broad range of prestigious contacts.

The previous Conferences took place, inter alia, in Austria, France, Belgium, Poland, Denmark/Sweden and Spain. We are pleased to take note that the Conference not only attracts participants from Europe, but also participants e.g. from the USA, China and Brazil.

The Conference aims to provide a platform for lawyers and other professionals to discuss typical aspects of M&A transactions. The Conference also establishes contacts between lawyers of different nations to facilitate cross boarder referrals. The Conference focuses on the one hand on the speeches of experts, presenting typical M&A or Corporate Commercial topics and permits on the other hand to get into contact with other lawyers in the course of the social program and to enjoy the city in a relaxed atmosphere. It also gives the possibility to openly discuss the points raised in the course of the presentations.

We will announce the date and the venue of the 14th International M&A Conference in due time.

Best regards,

Dr. Andreas Lachmann, Partner

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